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Coloured parking bays soon on new concrete roads

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The Hindu             11.02.2014

Coloured parking bays soon on new concrete roads

Aloysius Xavier Lopez

Contrast in colour will help motorists

In future, parking should not be that difficult in the city.

Chennai Corporation plans to create coloured parking bays on newly-constructed concrete roads.

In the first phase, the parking bays with coloured concrete slabs will be part of the modernisation of roads to international standards.

At present, parking bays are not noticeable even on arterial roads. And motorists continue to park haphazardly leading to congestion on roads.

“The colour contrast on the concrete road will help motorists park vehicles systematically,” said an official of Chennai Corporation.

The civic body has already taken measures to ease congestion near 143 roadside parking lots managed by other agencies.

As many as 12 metered parking lots in areas such as Mylapore and T. Nagar are managed by private agencies.

In the new scheme of things, many of the stretches where parking lots are located will be part of the concretisation of roads by the civic body. However, the civic body is yet to zero in on the colour of the parking bays.

Traffic planners in the metropolitan area are in favour of uniformly coloured parking bays in all parts of the city to enable easy identification.