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Corporation’s swimming pool soon to be opened for public

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The Times of India        30.03.2017  

Corporation’s swimming pool soon to be opened for public

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COIMBATORE: The Coimbatore Corporation's swimming pool at Gandhi Park is likely to be reopened in two months. It remained closed nearly five years ago. The depth of the renovated pool will be 4.5-feet and 23.4metres in width.

In May 2012, a seven -year-old boy had drowned in the pool after he mistimed his dive. It was alleged that the caretaker of the pool failed to provide first aid, and later the boy died. It was also alleged that the swimming pool lacked enough infrastructure.

Following this, a plan was laid to redesign the pool and include all necessary amenities to make it safe for people to use it. "It took long time for us to come out with a new plan. The brief was to provide all necessary facilities for people to learn swimming," said an official of the Coimbatore Corporation. "Once the design was ready we started work around eight months ago," he added.

Projected at a cost of Rs1.25crore, the renovation is likely to end by the last week of April. "The pool's depth was 3.5feet to 12feet. It was proposed to reduce the depth and it is now 4.5feet throughout," said an officer. "The width of the pool was 6.7m (22feet) and has now been increased to 23.4metres," said the officer. TOI spoke to the construction workers at the site, and learnt that it will take about two months for them to complete the work. Asked about the supply of materials, the workers said that they have all construction materials in place. "Water is also available," said a worker.

The new pool will have a space to seat public. "It can seat about 100 people," said a worker at the site.

Besides these amenities, the pool will have a water recycling plant. "We have set up a chlorination and distillation unit. The recycled water will be used to water plants in the park," said an officer. "The swimming pool will be filled with fresh water every day that will be fetched from the bore well dug at the park (500feet)," added the officer.


The Coimbatore Corporation is yet to decide about the charges for using the pool and the timings when the pool will be open for public. "It will be decided in the council meeting," said an official.