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Use water judiciously: municipality

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The Hindu      07.04.2017 

Use water judiciously: municipality

With supply of Cauvery River water to those residing in Rasipuram Municipality stopping, officials have asked them to use the available water judiciously.

Municipal Commissioner Krishnamoorthy said that water was supplied to the municipality by the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) through the Rasipuram - Edappadi Combined Water Supply Scheme. Water was drawn from River Cauvery at Nedunkulam village and treated and distributed to the citizens.

Due to poor discharge of water from Stanley Reservoir at Mettur Dam, the flow of water in the river has also dropped. The water does not reach the drawing point. Hence, from April 4, Cauvery could not be supplied to the people.

The commissioner said that people should not waste water from wells and borewells.