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‘Do not engage private parties to carry out repair works in UGD lines’

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The Hindu 01.05.2017   

‘Do not engage private parties to carry out repair works in UGD lines’

With the underground drainage(UGD) project works under way in Krishnagiri Municipality, the municipal administration has now cautioned public against engaging unilateral repair works in manholes.

The project envisions a total of 8,332 household connections in 33 wards of Krishnagiri Municipality. So far 950 connections have been given by the Municipality since the commissioning of the project.

Speaking to The Hindu , Kannan, Commissioner, Krishnagiri Municipality said, five teams from the region have been assigned to inspect the functioning of UGD lines, and check for blockages with the collection of sewage.

“There were cases of manhole deaths (asphyxiation) in recent times in the State. We want to avoid such incidents. Any repair works in UGD lines will be taken up solely by the Municipality,” Mr.Kannan said.

Each teams is equipped with safety gear including three oxygen masks, gloves, reflector jackets and are designated for inspection of manholes, said Mr. Kannan. Therefore, no sanitation workers are to be engaged, and no works shall be undertaken in sewer lines and manholes by engaging private septic tank cleaning services without permission from the Municipal Commissioner, the Municipality has said. There are a total of 1,627 manholes in the project. Of these, over 600 manholes have been inspected. Rest of 1,027 manholes are still to be inspected for blocks with the sewer lines going live.

Further, any construction on the sewer lines, or damage or replacement of sewerage vents is an offence, the Municipality has warned. The by-law of the underground drainage project and the damage to public property law shall be invoked against public that engage private workers to clear any block in the manhole. Further, public may contact the Municipality on 04343-232597; 232488 for inspection of manholes in their area.