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GHMC builds 'wall of kindness' where needy can take their pick

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The New Indian Express             15.06.2017  

GHMC builds 'wall of kindness' where needy can take their pick

Want to help others, but don't know how?

The GHMC has come up with a unique solution for those who want to make a difference in others' lives, but do not know how to go about doing it.
On Wednesday morning, many people could be seen gathering around the 'Wall of kindness' created to bring together those who want to make a difference and those who need help.

Found at two spots in Rajendranagar, the `Wall of kindness' allows people to leave clothing, footwear, books or just about any household article so that those who need these items can come there and pick them up.

"Scores of people came to both the places and left things.Several others took what they wanted," GHMC Rajendranagar official G Anjaneyulu said. The inititative is part of the `Swachh Rajendranagar' campaign which comes under the `Swacch Hyderabad' movement. "People were pleasantly surprised at seeing the `Wall of kindness' at the two places. Quite a few of them returned to put more stuff," Anjaneyulu said.

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GHMC commissioner B Janardhan Reddy, was inspired to implement the concept in the city after seeing it abroad. GHMC Rajendranagar zonal commissioner S Srinivas Reddy and his team selected the two spots at Rajendranagar keeping in mind the number of people who pass by. Srinivas Reddy is planning to have another two or three such places where people can show their kindness. The concept is expected to be implemented all over the city.

Considering that this is rainy season, officials are also putting up sheds to ensure that people's kindness is not dampened by the rain.