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Drive for clean Thoothukudi

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The Hindu           21.06.2017  

Drive for clean Thoothukudi

Campaign:Volunteers distributing pamphlets on Tuesday asking residents to segregate waste at source.Photo: N.Rajesh  

Segregation of waste to take place at source

The Thoothukudi Corporation launched ‘Clean Thoothukudi’ for disposal of garbage in an organised manner, its Commissioner and Special Officer Alby John Varghese said here on Tuesday.

The exercise would take off in the west zone. Residents of all the wards would be educated on segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste at source before disposal. Such a habit needs to be cultivated right from the houses. Pamphlets to create awareness of segregation and disposal were being given to households, who should be more responsible in disposal of waste.

He said that while sanitary workers would collect dry waste such as plastics, glass material, papers and other non biodegradable waste on Wednesdays, they would collect waste like food waste and other biodegradable waste on other days.

About 220 tonnes of waste was generated in the corporation limit daily. The dry waste would be recycled for use.

From biodegradable waste, bio-gas energy could be generated. Organic manure could be generated from waste and methane gas would be a by-product from biodegradable waste.

There were two projects and collection of such biodegradable waste would meet the needs of these projects, he said.