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Auctioning of stray cattle to enrich corporation’s coffers

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The Hindu          17.07.2017

Auctioning of stray cattle to enrich corporation’s coffers

Constant menace:Stray cattle have been causing severe traffic disruption even on main roads in Kozhikode city.S. Ramesh KurupS_RAMESHKURUP;S_RAMESHKURUP -  

Health department on a mission to impound animals roaming on city streets

The Kozhikode Municipal Corporation has chanced upon a new means of income. The health department of the corporation is on a mission to capture cattle roaming on the streets and impound them so that they can be auctioned off.

“It was only two months ago that we auctioned off three buffaloes, adding Rs. 45,000 to the civic body’s exchequer,” said Health Officer R.S. Gopakumar.

It was almost a month ago that an unusual number of cattle started roaming on the city streets, causing severe traffic disruption even on main roads. The corporation had formed a dedicated squad a year ago to capture the stray cattle. The drive at the time had earned the corporation around Rs. 80,000 in terms of fine from owners who had let their cattle wander and also through auctioning off the unclaimed ones.

The team has in its custody six oxen, one cow, five calves and some goats at present. All cattle will be auctioned 48 hours after capture.

Those turning up claiming to be the owners will have to produce documents of ownership, an attested letter from the local councillor, proof of identity and a written affidavit that they will not let their cattle wander in the future. This is besides the fine they will have to pay to get the animals back.

The Health Officer said the animals were rarely claimed and the corporation could earn up to Rs. 5 lakh from the auction of cattle wandering the streets at present.