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Corporation to revitalise waste management schemes

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The Hindu     03.01.2018  

Corporation to revitalise waste management schemes

The City Corporation will integrate the Ayyankali Employment Guarantee Scheme with the Haritha Keralam project to revitalise its waste management and sanitation programmes.

Those hired through the employment guarantee scheme will be deployed for cleaning up of drains and canals, planting of saplings and to promote organic vegetable farming.

They will be used in the other waste management activities of the local body too. On Monday, a meeting chaired by the Mayor discussed steps to ensure a minimum of 100 days’ work to adult members of families in the Corporation area, who are ready to do unskilled labour. A campaign to issue labour cards will be carried out from January 5 to 15, with the co-operation of all the ward councillors, to attract more workers to the scheme.

One member from each family can apply for the scheme. Applicants should attach their photograph, bankpass book, Aadhaar card and ration card to the application.

Projects of Rs. 5.71 crore have been sanctioned under the project now.

The labour estimate for the next year is being prepared as per the new guidelines.

As per the current estimates, the Corporation has utilised 91.14% of the funds and created 22,327 work days.

Women will be given priority in the scheme.