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Corporation reworks route map for Chennai sweepers

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The Times of India   17.08.2012

Corporation reworks route map for Chennai sweepers

CHENNAI: Chennai corporation zone managers have been asked to sketch a new route map for its conservancy workers.

The map will mark out the exact stretch of road or blocks that a sweeper or a garbage collector is supposed to clean. It means the jobs won't be decided in a haphazard manner but will be more regimental, helping rap the sloppy hands.

It is one of the measures that corporation commissioner D Karthikeyan has implemented to address the complaints from residents across the city on garbage pile-up.

It had been decided earlier that a conservancy worker would be given a particular stretch of 500 metres, where the worker is expected to do sweep or collect garbage from door-to-door on a tricycle. "The working model has already been in place. But since, problems persist, we have asked engineers to rework the ward maps," said corporation commissioner D Karthikeyan.The SMS system to monitor daily garbage collection, a brainchild of former commissioner PWC Davidar, has also been revived.

When the workers are done with their stretch, they will report to the conservancy inspector, who will in turn send a job-done text message when his zone is swept clean. When conservancy job in all the wards in a zone is completed for the day, the assistant commissioner will send a message to the common number.The new system will also make it easier for residents to get their complaints addressed since the workers aren't shuffled often.

The corporation is also studying if they can hire private lorries to cart out garbage from areas that do not have garbage collection points. The lorries could be used to empty garbage from the tricycles in an area. "Workers empty their tricycles in street corners when they did not have collection points. Shortage of trucks was creating delays in clearing the streets regularly," said a corporation official.

Zonal commissioners and engineers have been asked to recruit more workers to tide over staff shortage, which has been one of the reasons for poor conservancy operations in north and central Chennai. "We have decided to recruit 2,000 more people. In the zone, locals will be recruited so that they will not find it tough to report to work," said the official.The civic body has also decided to buy 2,000 new garbage bins and 500 new tricycles for zones across the city.
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Corporation battles to tackle water woes

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The Times of India    28.07.2012

Corporation battles to tackle water woes

MADURAI: The Madurai city corporation is hoping for monsoon to set in soon to keep away water woes, even as it gears to tackle the drinking water crisis in the wake of failure of rains.

Mayor V V Rajan Chellappa told the councillors during the council meeting on Friday that the civic body was making all preparations to ensure that the denizens of the temple city do not face any drinking water shortage arising out of monsoon failure.

"We are expecting the rains. But at the same time, we have chalked out plans to address drinking water shortage. Besides supply of water from tube wells, the corporation has planned to supply water through tankers," he said when councillors raised measures taken by the corporation to address the water shortage.

River Vaigai, the lifeline of Madurai, is almost dry with a thin stream of unpotable water. The city, prior to its expansion required 155 million litres per day. The Melakkal water pumping station along Vaigai in the city supplied 16 million litres per day (MLD), while the Kochadai pumping station supplied 21 MLD. The rest of the drinking water requirement was met with two drinking water schemes from Vaigai dam that supplied 68 MLD and 47 MLD, respectively.

However, due to the monsoon failure and the falling level in the reservoir, the yield from Melakkal pumping station dropped to a meagre 3.19 MLD and Kochadai pumping station also ended up with abysmal water yield. "The water level in Vaigai dam has come to 38.2 feet," noted councillor K Rajapandian during the council meet drawing the attention of the officials on the need for immediate measures to address the water shortage. The water level in Vaigai, is feared to drop further if rains fail to occur in the coming days.

City corporation officials say that there would not be any crisis in supplying drinking water till August in the present circumstances and hope that rains would redeem the situation after that. The first to be hit would be villages in local bodies that were annexed to the city corporation last year, where very little drinking water schemes have been implemented unlike the city.

In the past years, water from Melakkal and Kochadai pumping stations was supplied to the 72 wards of the then city corporation. However, now a portion of the water from these stations has to be diverted to the annexed areas too that have left a cut in the water supplied to the residents in the city.

Last Updated on Saturday, 28 July 2012 09:44

State offers `60 crore to civic body

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The Deccan Chronicle  11.12.2010

State offers `60 crore to civic body

Chennai, Dec. 10: In an unusual gesture, the state government sanctioned `60 crore to the city corporation to help it fix the battered roads and other infrastructural problems caused by relentless monsoon.

The Mayor, Mr M. Subramanian, who assessed the infrastructure damages that the rain caused, addressed a press conference on Friday and said that a special programme to improve the

condition of the roads in the city will start by the end of December and the project is being taken up at a cost of `135 crore.

“Usually, road repairs and monsoon damages are fixed using the corporation’s capital funds but following an appeal from the corporation, the government has sanctioned funds to the civic body,” said Mr Subramanian. So far, the monsoon has caused the corporation exchequer `100 crore and the road repairing work will continue until March.

As many as 1,312 roads will be repaired including 778 interior roads and more than 40 major bus route roads. According to the commissioner of the corporation, Mr D. Karthikeyan, the corporation will consider relaying any damaged road as funding will not be a constraint. Citizens can keep the corporation informed in case they are aware of any roads that need repair.

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