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Plastic products seized

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The Hindu        25.09.2014 

Plastic products seized

An inspection team of the Madurai Corporation seized 76 kilograms of plastic products near Periyar bus stand and surrounding areas here on Wednesday.

The seizure comes following the ban on use of plastic items below 40 microns in thickness imposed by the Corporation two weeks ago.

Yasodha Mani, City Health Officer, along with a team of sanitary inspectors, conducted the raid in several places in Zone-4 on instruction from Corporation Commissioner C. Kathiravan, according to a press release.

Spot fine

Besides seizing the banned plastic items, including thin polythene covers, from hotels and fruit shops, the officials slapped a spot fine of Rs.4,200 on those who violated the ban.

“Manufacturing and sale of plastic products below 40 microns in thickness were banned in the city from September 11. Inspection was conducted in 52 shops on Wednesday and stern action was taken,” the release said.


Corporation embarks on greening programme

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The Hindu      28.08.2014  

Corporation embarks on greening programme

Corporation officials planting saplings at Sivanthakulam in Tuticorin on Tuesday.— Photo : N. Rajesh
Corporation officials planting saplings at Sivanthakulam in Tuticorin on Tuesday.— Photo : N. Rajesh

The Tuticorin Corporation has embarked on a programme to increase greenery to maintain an eco-friendly environment. As part of the initiative, 20 saplings were planted in front of the corporation school on the Sivanthakulam Road here on Tuesday.

A team led by Pradeep V. Krishnakumar, City Health Officer, Tuticorin Corporation, and V. Hariganesh, Sanitary Inspector, planted saplings with protective shields.

Dr. Krishnakumar said afforestation would increase rainfall in drought-affected areas. “Our responsibility does not end with planting saplings, but watering the saplings every day is essential and people should bear it in mind,” he said.

If people came forward to grow trees such as ‘neem’, ‘pungai’, ‘banyan’ and other shade-tolerant species, the corporation would provide the saplings free of cost, he noted. The resident welfare associations of Muthammal Colony, Caldwell Colony and other areas of ward 34 had volunteered to plant a considerable number of saplings, he said. The objective was not only to cultivate more trees but also to weed out thorny shrub (Prosopis juliflora), which caused depletion of groundwater table.

Mr. Hariganesh said 3,000 tree saplings were planted last year.


Councillors to show the way by using cloth bags

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The Hindu      28.08.2014  

Councillors to show the way by using cloth bags

Elected representatives of the 16 town panchayats in Vellore district are set to show the way to the public on avoiding use of polythene bags.

In a step towards reducing plastic use, particularly plastic bags less than 40 microns, the Department of Town Panchayats has given cloth bags to chairpersons, vice chairpersons and councillors of town panchayats in the district.

The ill effects of using plastic have been printed on the cloth bags such as it reduces groundwater levels, causes death when cattle consume plastic bags and burning of plastic causes 52 kinds diseases.

At a meeting held on Wednesday, S.M. Malayaman Thirumudikari, assistant director of Town Panchayats, Vellore, said they were taking several steps to avoid use of plastic bags.

“First, the elected representatives should stop using plastic bags. If we follow this, then others will follow suit,” he said.

He asked the representatives to start the initiative at their homes and then spread the message among the public.

“We can reduce plastic use by conducting checks but this needs behavioural change in the people,” he noted.

While garbage segregation and collection was almost 100 per cent from commercial establishments, the problem persisted at the door-to-door level.

“People do not segregate garbage at their homes. Though workers collect the garbage from houses, people tend to dump remaining garbage on the roads later. This dirties the streets. The elected representatives should tell the people in their town panchayats to dispose garbage properly,” he added.

Doing well

Sholinghur, Panapakkam and Alangayam town panchayats were doing well in solid waste management, he said, adding,

“Another six town panchayats will be covered in the solid waste management project during 2014-15. We will work to bring all the town panchayats under the project.”

Collector R. Nanthagopal, who handed over the bags to the representatives, said that town panchayats were doing well in plastic management.

“However, there are several municipalities in Vellore and they should also concentrate more on municipal solid waste management,” he said.

He pointed out to how plastic bags were a huge problem to both cities and villages.


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