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Financial Management

Tweaked accounting procedure helps Corporation show surplus in budget

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The Hindu           23.03.2017  

Tweaked accounting procedure helps Corporation show surplus in budget

Corporation Commissioner and Special OfficerK. Vijayakarthikeyan releasing the 2017-18 budget copy at the Corporation office on Wednesday. Deputy CommissionerP. Gandhimathi is also in the picture.Photo:S. SIVA SARAVANANS_ SIVA SARAVANAN  

First surplus in recent past and by a Special Officer after 20 years

A change in accounting procedure has helped the civic body present a surplus budget for 2017-18. Corporation Commissioner and Special Officer K. Vijayakarthikeyan, who presented the budget in the presence of Deputy Commissioner P. Gandhimathi, Assistant Commissioner-Account R. Senthilkumar and others, said that this year’s budget had accounted the surplus to be Rs. 13.04 crore.

The budget had accounted the total revenue at Rs. 1,072.42 crore and expenditure at Rs. 1,059.38 crore.

Of the Rs. 1,059 crore the Corporation planned to spend in the next financial year, each ward would get only about Rs. 6 crore as the civic body had earmarked Rs. 501 crore for capital expenditure (roads, street lights, etc.) from its fund.

It would also get around Rs. 120 crore from the State Government and another Rs. 50 crore from the Central Government.

The Corporation would use the remaining to meet its establishment cost - Rs. 150 crore, repay borrowed capital Rs. 7 crore and pay interest on borrowings Rs. 11 crore, the Assistant Commissioner Mr. Senthilkumar said.

The civic body had this year adopted the accounting procedure the Commissioner for Municipal Administration had suggested, where its total revenue is calculated based on 100 % of the current year’s tax demands (property tax, water charges and a few non-tax demands) and 70 % of outstanding tax (arrears).

This had helped the Corporation arrived at a realistic revenue picture, Mr. Vijayakarthikeyan said and added that a surplus budget would mean better planning and streamlined spending.

For the current financial year (2016-17), the Corporation had earlier estimated its revenue and expenditure (budget estimates) to be Rs. 1,101.70 crore and Rs. 1,178 crore respectively but it had to revise those to (revised estimates) Rs. 874.95 crore and Rs. 958 crore respectively.

The downward revision was on account of inflated initial estimates.

The budget also revealed the Corporation’s financial health - it owes contractors Rs. 42 crore for the works they had completed and its fall in income from investments - in 2015-16 the Corporation had earned Rs. 72.51 crore and for 2017-18 it would earn a mere Rs. 2.33 crore.

Mr. Vijayakarthikeyan said that the Corporation had attempted to present a realistic budget.

The coming financial years would see the civic body in better financial health.

The coming financial years would see the civic body in better financial health


Corporation Commissioner


Corporation budget as per CMA guidelines

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The Hindu       07.02.2017  

Corporation budget as per CMA guidelines

In all probability, the Coimbatore Corporation budget for 2017-18 may not be an exercise with public participation and budget presentation, too, may be a very low-key affair.

Sources in the civic body said that the Corporation was preparing the budget as per instructions from the Commissionerate of Municipal Administration (CMA), which has prescribed a standard format for municipal corporations across the State.

The budget would be under five heads - accounts, revenue, engineering, town planning and health - and not in the format the corporation had been preparing by having separate account heads for property tax, water charges, monthly rentals, etc.

After the CMA sent the instructions around the last week of January 2017, the corporation had been preparing the same.

There was no deadline as of now. Once it finished the budget preparation, the corporation would send the draft to the CMA for approval and thereafter release the approved budget.

There would be no budget presentation, either, as there was no council. The Special Officer - Commissioner K. Vijayakarthikeyan - would release the budget in his chamber and a press release could follow.

But there was nothing in the rule that prevented the Corporation from seeking suggestions from the public, non-governmental organisations or other bodies, especially when there was no council, said B. Balachandran, a former Regional Director of Municipal Administration.

The Special Officer preparing the budget should take inputs from his subordinate officers - city engineer, city health officer, town planning officer and others - and also from members of the society and various organisations.

In fact, the corporation could issue a press release inviting suggestions. And after the government approved the budget, the corporation should make it public.

Former councillor K. Purushothaman said that the corporation was obligated to consult the public in preparing the budget because it was doing so with public money. It should consult leaders of recognised political parties, consumer bodies and other civil society organisations.

And, what applied to the Union and State budgets would also apply to the civic body budget, he said and added that it should remain a only-bureaucracy exercise.


Corporation budget on February 14

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The Hindu             07.02.2014

Corporation budget on February 14

Special Correspondent

The Madurai Corporation will present a lacklustre budget for the year 2014-15 on February 14.

Since this is an election year, the Corporation budget will not have any major announcements or developmental projects for the city, according to Mayor V.V. Rajan Chellappa.

In an informal chat with reporters on Thursday, he pointed out that the budget would only be a formality and routine exercise this year and no new schemes would find place in it.

“Since elections are close by, there would not be much in the budget. The existing schemes will continue and allocations would be made for their implementation,” the Mayor said. The final document would be ready after further discussions on Saturday and Monday, he noted.

For the areas that were merged into the Corporation, proposals and estimates for drainage and roads were to be submitted for funds under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

Meanwhile, Commissioner Kiran Gurrala, who was also present during the media interaction, said the modified drinking water supply schedule came into effect on Thursday and the feedback from tail-end areas of the city was positive.

He also added that more focus was given to increase the Corporation revenue. After the budget presentation on February 14, the Corporation will have a council meeting on February 18.


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