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Master Plan

Coimbatore Master Plan to be ready soon

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The Hindu       28.08.2014

Coimbatore Master Plan to be ready soon

Survey conducted by students of Bharathidasan University

A revised Master Plan for Coimbatore is likely to take shape soon as the Government is expected to take it up as a time-bound project.

An official of Coimbatore Local Planning Authority (LPA) told The Hindu on Wednesday that students of Bharathidasan University had completed a survey of the existing land use in the LPA area. This needs to be verified by the officials and the process has started. The LPA will prepare a draft of the proposed land use and submit it to the Government.

Though this could take about a year, the State Government is monitoring the progress of the Master Plan preparation work and is expected to fix a deadline to complete it, the official said.

A revised Master Plan for the city is one of the long-pending demands of the district. With rapid development, industries and residential development need changes in land use classification.

K. Kathirmathiyon, secretary of Coimbatore Consumer Cause, says the existing Master Plan for Coimbatore was prepared almost two decades ago and is obsolete now.

A revised Master Plan was expected seven years ago and it was almost ready. If preparation of the plan gets delayed after completing the initial survey, it will not serve any purpose. Developments after the survey will change the land use pattern and the purpose of the Master Plan will be defeated. Hence, preparation of the Master Plan should be given priority and completed on a time-bound manner.


Coimbatore master plan to be delayed by two months

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The Times of India            15.02.2014

Coimbatore master plan to be delayed by two months

COIMBATORE: The wait for Coimbatore Master Plan is expected to be delayed by another two months as the Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping exercise to determine the existing land use patterns will not be completed by the February 28 deadline.

The 18 member team of volunteers from Centre for Geographical Information Technologies (CGIT), Bharathidasan University in Trichy, are presently engaged in mapping out the existing land use patterns in the district. The draft land use pattern is now expected to be submitted by the end of March.

"Our team has already covered the rural areas and have returned from Coimbatore on February 2. Now there will be two more phases of the exercise each lasting about 12 to 14 days in which the remaining areas are expected to be covered in urban Coimbatore," said S Vasudevan, coordinator, Centre for Geographical Information Systems.

The exercise will be carried out by a two member team of specially trained team people and each team will be entrusted with a vehicle. The Directorate of Town and Country Planning has categorised land use patterns into 108 sections each detailing a specific purpose. The teams will be handed out 1:2000 scaled grid maps which will cover 1.5km area on the east and west directions and one km in north and south directions. The vehicle used by the team will be directly monitored on real time basis from the CGIT centre as part of the internal monitoring exercise.

"The existing land use patterns are being digitally mapped for cross verification purpose. We are waiting for the exercise to get completed," said LPA sources. The mapping exercise is based on tracking the latitudinal and longitudinal position and to classify how the specific plot is being used at the moment. The state government had entrusted the GIS mapping work for Hosur in Krishnagiri district, Trichy, Madurai, Tuticorin, Tirupur, Erode and Coimbatore.

"We have divided Coimbatore into 1100 rural and 1800 urban grids. We expect to complete the process by March 31. We are planning to submit the draft mapping report to the Directorate of Town and Country Planning for Hosur in the coming week," Vasudevan added

Coimbatore residents have been waiting for the final master plan and had even submitted more than 3000 suggestions and modifications, most pertaining to the land use pattern in the district. It is expected that the master plan for Coimbatore will be finalised a couple of months after the general elections.


Master Plan to include new transport hubs

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The Times of India             12.02.2014

Master Plan to include new transport hubs

COIMBATORE: Senior officials from Coimbatore municipal corporation and the Local Planning Authority on Tuesday held a discussion to integrate the recently announced mobility and transportation projects in the city limits to be included in the Master Plan for Coimbatore district. The city municipal corporation is planning to implement a series of traffic improvement proposals including setting up of cycle tracks, pedestrian zones and other infrastructure improvements. Apart from these the various provisions of the city development and mobility plans expected to be formally announced in the coming months are integrated with the master plan document.

"The discussion was held to check and integrate our transportation improvement proposals with the Coimbatore master plan. The proposals in the city development and mobility plans should also be incorporated in the master plan. The discussion was to ensure these aspects," said G Latha, commissioner, Coimbatore municipal corporation.

Apart from these proposals, the Master Plan is also expected to include provisions for Mono Rail project and its feasibility study as announced by the government. The Commissionerate of Municipal Admnistration through an independent transport consultancy firm has come up with a mobility plan for the city.

"It was just a discussion to ensure that there will be no inconsistency between the final master plan document and the projects proposed by the city municipal corporation," Latha added.

According to Local Planning Authority officials, the Coimbatore Master Plan is in the final stages of approval and is expected to be released soon. However, the master plan has been long delayed and though the review master plan was approved in 2011, the final document is yet to be cleared from the government. The Directorate of Town and Country Planning along with the district Local Planning authority had also sought suggestions and opinions from the public as part of the review and fine tuning exercise. More than 2000 suggestions were received in this regard and were reportedly taken up for consideration based on the merits and feasibility factors.


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