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Public Health / Sanitation

Sewage let into water bodies

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The Hindu        24.03.2017

Sewage let into water bodies

A tanker lorry operated by Tirupur Corporation discharging sewage and other liquid refuses into Mannarai irrigation tank.R. VIMAL KUMAR  

The lorries are supposed to dump it at treatment plant at Periyapalayam

The corporation authorities who are bound to take steps to protect the health of citizens could be seen setting wrong examples by way of indiscriminate discharge of sewage and other liquid refuses collected from different parts of the city into various water bodies.

According to City Health Officer K. Boopathy, the sewage and other liquid refuses collected through the corporation tanker lorries should be taken to the treatment plant set up at Periyapalayam.

But corporation-operated lorries could be seen dumping sewage into River Noyyal and irrigation tanks resulting in protests from citizens.

On World Water Day, this reporter caught on camera a corporation-operated lorry letting out sewage into Mannarai irrigation tank. When the driver and another person who travelled on the vehicle saw photographs being taken, they immediately sped away the vehicle.

Discharge of sewage into the Mannarai tank, and nearby water bodies had evoked strong protests from residents in the area on previous occasions.

A corporation official said that the administration had never given any instructions to dump sewage in public places.

Action sought

N. Shanmugasundaram, president of Nallur Consumer Welfare Association, said that the corporation should then take action against errant lorry drivers immediately if senior officials were not responsible for the sewage discharge into water bodies.


Where garbage woes pile on

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The Hindu      10.03.2017  

Where garbage woes pile on

Looming danger:Garbage dumped at an enclosure on Thanthoni Amman Koil Street in Thiru. Vi. Ka. Nagar is a health risk, say residents.V. Ganesan  

Irregular clearing of trash and sewer blocks have affected quality of life

Residents of ward 67 are angry over repeated instances of sewer blocks and garbage accumulation in many places. The ward comprises areas such as Peravallur, Agaram, GKM Colony Main Road and Thanthoni Amman Koil Street.

E. Balaji, who runs a shop on Thanthoni Amman Koil Street, said garbage dumped at a site on the street is regularly cleared, leading to foul stench and unhygienic conditions. “The mosquito menace has become worse in this area owing to this problem. I close my shop by 7 p.m. It is really frustrating when such problems affect your routine life,” he added.

Devi Velayutham, another resident of the area, said she was forced to keep the windows of her house shut throughout the year because of the stench and mosquitoes. “It becomes extremely suffocating during summer. Despite keeping the windows closed, the mosquito menace is still quite bad. I don’t even let my children play anywhere close to the dumping site fearing they will develop some disease,” she added.

Ill-maintained park

A portion of the park on Thanthoni Amman Koil Street is in a poor state and desperately needs maintenance, he added. “Earlier, my son would go there to play but not any more. The place looks haunted. While a portion of the park is well-maintained, the other is in disrepair with the play equipment for children all rusted,” Mr. Balaji said.

Another issue that residents face is the constant blocking of sewer lines in some streets. S. Shantha, a resident of Kannabiran Street, said, “Sewer blocks occur at least three or four times every month. Filing a complaint and getting it fixed each time is very exhausting. This is not how it is supposed to function.”

A few streets are not very well maintained. K. Thangammal, a resident of GKM. Colony 10th Street, said “The road has not been laid for years now. Also, there is a small pond close to the street which stinks and is a breeding site for mosquitoes and flies. Residents fall sick regularly.” Even the GKM Colony Main Road hasn’t been spruced up for quite a while now.

Officials of the Chennai Corporation said they would soon take up work to relay roads that have been left out. “Garbage never gets accumulated here. Source segregation is done and it is removed every day,” an official claimed.


Chennai Corporation drive to allay Rubella vaccine fear among parents

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The Times of India      02.03.2017  

Chennai Corporation drive to allay Rubella vaccine fear among parents

Vaccination drive in schools where students below the age of 15 are administered a single shot of the combined measles-rubella (MR) vaccine in Chennai. (Photo: A.Prathap).


Vaccination drive in schools where students below the age of 15 are administered a single shot of the combined... Read More


CHENNAI: Greater Chennai Corporation launched a special drive on Wednesday to get the consent of parents to administer the measles-rubella vaccine to their children studying in corporation schools. This comes a day after health minister C Vijaya Bhaskar said the government would make the vaccination mandatory if parents continued to resist the drive.

Zone-wise teams have been formed in Chennai with health and education officials to talk to parents in schools. "We vaccinated 9,000 of our students today," said corporation deputy commissioner for education M Govinda Rao. "All parents are not on board yet, they had a lot of questions and were worried because they were misinformed." About 40% of corporation school children have been given the vaccine. On Wednesday, through Parent-Teacher Association and school heads, parents were brought to school for an interaction.

Private schools in the city have been conducting vaccination camps. Many schools, despite government instruction to make the vaccine mandatory, issued 'willingness forms' asking parental consent. At Shree Nikethan Group of schools, about 60 anxious parents showed up on campus to see if the vaccination went on smoothly. This, says correspondent P Vishnucharan, comes from a lack of knowledge about rubella and safe vaccination procedures. "Parents are reading up things on the internet, from conflicting sources. The health department could have instead issued posters and flyers with information on the condition, and the vaccination to allay these apprehensions," he said. Although 90% of parents are okay with the vaccine, the rest are anxious, he said.

Latest Comment

MMR vaccine is mandatory in all American schools and certainly before 9th standard. Even in UK it''s so. The people in india are so cynical they view everything with negativity first. If these same p... Read MoreArey O Sambha

"My daughter's school has not yet made any announcements of a vaccine camp," said a parent at a popular school in Nungambakkam. "If they do, I'm not keen on getting it done without speaking to our family paediatrician first."

The state had planned to give the vaccine to more than 1.8 crore children between the age of nine months and 15 years in schools and health centres by the end of February. On Tuesday, officials said only 85 lakh children were given the vaccine. The drive has now been extended by another fortnight. Rubella, or German measles, is a contagious viral infection that causes a distinctive red rash. When a pregnant woman gets the infection, it can cause congenital rubella syndrome in the baby, disrupting development and causing serious birth defects such as heart abnormalities, deafness, and brain damage.

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