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Public Health / Sanitation

Chennai Corporation drive to allay Rubella vaccine fear among parents

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The Times of India      02.03.2017  

Chennai Corporation drive to allay Rubella vaccine fear among parents

Vaccination drive in schools where students below the age of 15 are administered a single shot of the combined measles-rubella (MR) vaccine in Chennai. (Photo: A.Prathap).


Vaccination drive in schools where students below the age of 15 are administered a single shot of the combined... Read More


CHENNAI: Greater Chennai Corporation launched a special drive on Wednesday to get the consent of parents to administer the measles-rubella vaccine to their children studying in corporation schools. This comes a day after health minister C Vijaya Bhaskar said the government would make the vaccination mandatory if parents continued to resist the drive.

Zone-wise teams have been formed in Chennai with health and education officials to talk to parents in schools. "We vaccinated 9,000 of our students today," said corporation deputy commissioner for education M Govinda Rao. "All parents are not on board yet, they had a lot of questions and were worried because they were misinformed." About 40% of corporation school children have been given the vaccine. On Wednesday, through Parent-Teacher Association and school heads, parents were brought to school for an interaction.

Private schools in the city have been conducting vaccination camps. Many schools, despite government instruction to make the vaccine mandatory, issued 'willingness forms' asking parental consent. At Shree Nikethan Group of schools, about 60 anxious parents showed up on campus to see if the vaccination went on smoothly. This, says correspondent P Vishnucharan, comes from a lack of knowledge about rubella and safe vaccination procedures. "Parents are reading up things on the internet, from conflicting sources. The health department could have instead issued posters and flyers with information on the condition, and the vaccination to allay these apprehensions," he said. Although 90% of parents are okay with the vaccine, the rest are anxious, he said.

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MMR vaccine is mandatory in all American schools and certainly before 9th standard. Even in UK it''s so. The people in india are so cynical they view everything with negativity first. If these same p... Read MoreArey O Sambha

"My daughter's school has not yet made any announcements of a vaccine camp," said a parent at a popular school in Nungambakkam. "If they do, I'm not keen on getting it done without speaking to our family paediatrician first."

The state had planned to give the vaccine to more than 1.8 crore children between the age of nine months and 15 years in schools and health centres by the end of February. On Tuesday, officials said only 85 lakh children were given the vaccine. The drive has now been extended by another fortnight. Rubella, or German measles, is a contagious viral infection that causes a distinctive red rash. When a pregnant woman gets the infection, it can cause congenital rubella syndrome in the baby, disrupting development and causing serious birth defects such as heart abnormalities, deafness, and brain damage.

Spread of fire prevented at dumpyard

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The Hindu     24.02.2017 

Spread of fire prevented at dumpyard

Uncontrolled burning of mounting garbage at Vendipalayam dumpyard causes health hazards to residents in surrounding localities in Erode city.PHOTO: M. GOVARTHANM.GOVARTHAN ;M.GOVARTHAN - M_GOVARTHAN  

The spread of fire at Vendipalayam garbage dumpyard was controlled by the Fire and Rescue Services personnel in the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday.

Smoke was found emanating from garbage at a few places during the course of Thursday.

The spread had been averted, said Corporation Commissioner Seeni Ajmal Khan.

Presence of workers at a solid waste management unit operating out of the dumpyard helped in early detection of fire and follow up measures, the Commissioner said.

He added that a few borewells would be dug at the site to maintain wetness of the garbage mounds during summer.

Twice in recent years, there were major fires at the dumpyard. Release of combustible methane gas from decomposing organic garbage had caused the conflagration.


Plastic waste clogs city canals and open drains

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The Hindu       13.02.2017   

Plastic waste clogs city canals and open drains

Plastic waste dumped in the canal on Williams Road in Tiruchi on Sunday.— Photo: M. SrinathM_SRINATH  

Due to a floating population that visits the Central Bus Stand, a canal on Williams Road has become an eyesore

Though there is a ban on plastic carry bags in Tiruchi, open drainage, storm water and underground drainage canals continue to be clogged due to the indiscriminate dumping of plastic.

There is not a single canal that is free of plastics. Plastic materials particularly carry bags and plastic bottles clog the drains.

The problem is acute in the canals located in Cantonment.

Due to the floating population that visits the Central Bus Stand, a canal on Williams Road has become an eyesore due to this menace. The canal that starts from Bharathidasan Road and extends beyond Williams Road is full of plastic bags, plastic plates, bottles, footwear and food waste.

This due to a large number of roadside eateries, petty shops, commercial complexes, restaurants and hotels around the bus stand that attracts thousands of commuters daily.

Besides, a few Tamil Nadu State Marketing Corporation (TASMAC) outlets are also functioning in the area.

Locals say that people of all walks of life including shoppers, customers and passengers recklessly dump waste in the canals.

They allege that due to the indiscriminate dumping of plastics not only do sewerage lines burst but also there is overflow of waste water on the roads.

“The sewage is clogged at several points because of waste particularly plastics. It has not been cleared for long,” says A. Mahalingam of Williams Road.

Several people, who visit the neighbouring Tasmac shops also threw empty bottles, he added.

Stating that same condition was prevailing in other areas, he said that the Corporation must carry out a comprehensive drainage cleaning drive so as to remove all garbage in the drainage and storm water canals.


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