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Solid Waste Management

Solid waste management user charges introduced

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The Hindu         06.07.2017    

Solid waste management user charges introduced

Self-help group members collecting garbage at Gandhi Market in Tiruchi.Photo: M. Moorthy  

Tiruchi Corporation’s move draws flak from a section of residents

The Tiruchi Corporation’s move to introduce a new levy in the form of solid waste management user charges has drawn flak from a section of city residents.

The Corporation has started collecting the charges this financial year. Tax demand notices sent to residents also mention the levy as a separate head. The solid waste management user charges starts from Rs. 30 per half-year at the rate of Rs. 5 a month for a tax assessment of Rs. 500. But it varies, commensurate with the property tax rates of residential buildings. If a resident is liable to pay property tax of Rs. 1,000 for his house, the charge will be Rs. 60 per half-year.

Corporation Special Officer-cum-Commissioner N.Ravichandran said the levy had been introduced as per the government guidelines under the Swachh Bharat Mission. “This is done across the country. But we have fixed the minimum rate of Rs. 5 a month for property tax assessments of Rs. 500. We have followed the due procedure, gazetted it and also issued advertisement,” Mr. Ravichandran told The Hindu .

The charge is being levied to meet at least a portion of the expenditure incurred towards sanitation initiatives. Sources in the Corporation said the user charge had been fixed for residential buildings in the city. The charges for commercial and industrial building would be fixed soon and collected from such property owners too.

Taking exception to the move, S.Pushpavanam, Secretary, Consumer Protection Council, Tamil Nadu, said residents of the city were already paying property, professional tax and water charges, besides underground drainage maintenance charges, so that the Corporation can discharge its duties.

“The primary duty of the Corporation is to keep the city clean by clearing garbage, ensuring sanitation by constructing and maintaining drains and dispose of sewage and laying and maintaining roads. For laying and maintaining roads, it gets special funds from the State Government and it gets funds from State Governments to meet its deficit and for special projects. When such is the case, levying charges for solid waste management separately is bad in law and in ethics. It is an unfair practice,” Mr.Pushpavanam contended. “If this is allowed, tomorrow, they may levy separate charges for cleaning the streets, maintaining drains and paying salaries to staff,” he observed.

No other Corporation such as Madurai, Coimbatore or Tirunelveli has imposed such a tax, he claimed and urged the Tiruchi Corporation authorities to stop collecting the tax and refund it to people who have already paid it.

Other urban local bodies were in the process of fixing and collecting the charges, Mr. Ravichandran pointed out.


More than 1.5 tonnes collected from Ooty shops

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The Hindu         22.06.2017  

More than 1.5 tonnes collected from Ooty shops

Udhagamandalam Municipality officials conducted an awareness programme on Commercial Road recently.Rohan PremkumarRohan Premkumar  

UMC vehicles will collect the waste every week and take it to the DRCC in Khandal

After informing all 1,200 shops and commercial establishments to segregate their waste, especially plastic and dry waste, so that it can be collected and recycled, the Udhagamandalam Municipality (UMC) began collecting the waste from shops and store owners from Wednesday.

According to UMC Commissioner (in-charge), V. Prabhakaran, the response from shopkeepers has been astonishing, with more than 1.5 tonnes of dry waste being collected on Wednesday, which was then taken to the Dry Resource Collection Centre (DRCC) in Khandal and recycled.

The Udhagamandalam Municipality had ordered that all shops and commercial establishments in Ooty Town segregate their plastic waste and leave them outside their stores so that the municipality can collect them at source on a weekly basis.

The Municipality Commissioner, along with sanitary inspectors conducted awareness programmes for the shops along the Commercial Road, Garden Road and other areas in Ooty Town since last week to get their message across.

According to sanitary inspectors, V Srinivasan and M Maharaja, more than 1,200 shops from the town have been asked to segregate plastic waste and leave them outside their stores for the municipality to collect. UMC vehicles will collect the waste every week and take it to the DRCC in Khandal.

The DRCC was unveiled by the District Collector, P Sankar in January of this year. The centre hosts a plastic shredding machine, where collected plastic is shredded and used to make roads. The CSR initiative, which is being undertaken by ITC, is called “Well Being Out of Waste.”

V Prabhakaran, the municipality commissioner, has directed all shops and stores to not discard their waste inappropriately and called on all business owners to cooperate to ensure that the UMC's stated “Zero-waste policy” goals are achieved.


CMDA looks at solid plan to tackle waste heaps

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The New Indian Express      11.06.2017   

CMDA looks at solid plan to tackle waste heaps

CHENNAI: The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) is planning to conduct a study to evolve a comprehensive action plan for solid waste management as well as explore generation of ‘waste to energy’ techniques for providing alternative fuel for domestic and industry consumption.

This comes in the wake of the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests notifying the Municipal Solid Wastes (Management and Handling) Rules 2000.

Under these rules, development authorities have been entrusted with the responsibility of identifying landfill sites and handing them over to the municipal authorities concerned for development operation and maintenance.

According to CMDA estimates in its website, it is estimated that by 2026 about 6590 tonnes of solid waste will be generated in the local body areas of CMA including Chennai city.

But experts say that the city is currently generating more than 6,000 tonnes of solid waste. According to the Greater Chennai Corporation, the estimated generation of solid waste per day in the city is 4500 tonnes of garbage and 700 tonnes of building materials.

Sources said that the study would help planners and policy-makers evolve suitable policies and action plans on a short-term and long-term basis for solid waste management. This could be the first such comprehensive study to be carried out for the entire Chennai Metropolitan Area.

Till now no detailed study on solid waste has been carried out.

The study will involve a series of comprehensive surveys for the entire Chennai Metropolitan Area including solid waste types and characterstics of solid wastes, available technology, best practices, functional coordination among all stakeholders, setting minimum performance standards for different agencies involved, assessing the sustainability of waste management, identifying landfill grounds, and exploring waste-to-energy techniques and avenues for availing Carbon Fund.

The study will recommend minimum performance standards for sustained solid waste management and appropriate technology or best practices in solid waste infrastructure.


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