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Urban Encroachment

Encroachments razed down

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The Hindu           14.10.2014 

Encroachments razed down

For public welfare:Encroachments being removed near Mattuthavani flower market in Madurai on Monday.— Photo: R. Ashok
For public welfare:Encroachments being removed near Mattuthavani flower market in Madurai on Monday.— Photo: R. Ashok

Encroachments by petty shops along the road near the Mattuthavani flower market were removed by the city corporation officials here on Monday. The shops had been allotted space by the Highways department and given permits by the corporation

Chief Town Planning Officer I. Renganathan said that 10 petty shops had encroached upon more space than they were allotted for as they were running small eateries around the shop. “Many of these shops had encroached upon the roads and platforms. We found that the shops had been violating norms and called for this routine eviction drive,” he said.

Corporation officials said that the encroachments, which included concrete slabs and temporary sheds, were removed since they were causing hardship to the public. Tense moments prevailed among the shopkeepers and the owners locked the petty shops for the day.

“We had also got complaints that they were disposing off waste on the roads,” the officials stated.

Locals in the area however said that the shops had been functioning for many days with eateries around them. “There have been no inspections when these shops were set up and erected temporary sheds. This action has come all of a sudden,” said an auto driver.

The corporation officials however said that they were carrying out routine checks to keep encroachments away. “We have planned more such eviction drives in the coming days,” said A. Palanisamy, Assistant Commissioner.


Corporation puts hawkers on notice

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The Hindu         25.09.2014  

Corporation puts hawkers on notice

move over:Pavement shops near Main Guard Gate in Tiruchi.— Photo: B.Velankanni Raj
move over:Pavement shops near Main Guard Gate in Tiruchi.— Photo: B.Velankanni Raj

The Tiruchirapalli City Corporation has planned to send notices to the street vendors on N.S.B. Road and around Theppakulam asking them to move to the designated sites on Old Goodshed Road.

The move is not only to decongest N.S.B Road, one of the busiest roads in the city, but also to provide suitable sites to them.

V.P.Thandapani, Commissioner, Tiruchirapalli City Corporation, told The Hindu on Tuesday that it had been identified that there were about 35 pavement shops along the N.S.B. Road and Theppakulam.

Steps had been taken to serve notices to them to move them to the allotted place. Necessary infrastructure for accommodating the shops was being constructed on Old Goodshed Road.

They would be given 45 to 60 days to move to the new location.

Answering a question, the Commissioner said that their business would not be affected as the new location also has considerable local and floating population. Moreover, they would get sufficient space to display their materials.

Though many civic bodies were yet to act on the national policy to regulate street vendors, the Tiruchirappali Corporation had taken a proactive step to make them an integral part of the urban retail trade.

It was a good opportunity for the hawkers to find their place in the allotted site.

It had been identified that 80 zones were concentrated with roadside vendors in the city.

Steps would be taken to regulate them gradually. Moreover, a comprehensive survey on street vendors was also under way.

It would come out with all details including economic background of hawkers. The list would be sent to the State and Central governments for follow up action, Mr.Thandapani added.

Street vendors asked to move to designated sites on Old Goodshed Road


Municipality to launch drive against encroachments

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The Hindu        25.09.2014  

Municipality to launch drive against encroachments

The Puducherry Municipality will soon launch a drive removing encroachments from any public place like pavements or public streets and roads under the municipal limits.

A release from S. Thammu Ganapathy, Commissioner of Puducherry Municipality said the parking lots allocated for the benefit of vehicle users at the busy traffic junctions in various parts of the town by the Municipal Corporation have been encroached.

This caused a lot of traffic snarls in the town. A section of people had also set up shops in crowded streets and erected fences around them.

He said that 15 days time would be given to those who had encroached on municipal properties to remove them voluntarily.

Show cause notice

If the warnings were not heeded the municipality would issue show cause notices and initiate legal action against the encroachers.


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