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Urban Encroachment

Corporation to recover 541 plots of leased land

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The Hindu        23.09.2014   

Corporation to recover 541 plots of leased land

Chennai Corporation is all set to retrieve land leased out for the purpose of ‘education, commerce, residence and charity’ in various parts of the city.

Over 825 grounds of Corporation land is under illegal possession after expiry of lease period for 541 pieces of property.


The civic body will issue notice to all individuals and private associations that occupy and use such land in the old city limits.

The land is usually leased for a maximum period of three years at cheap rates and after the lease period is over, the Corporation takes a call on renewing the lease. However, many lessees have not paid even the low rates demanded of them.

Some of the immovable properties of the Corporation have also been leased out following the request of other government departments, undertakings, corporations and boards.

A number of private associations and individuals started using Corporation land on lease basis as per provisions of section 75 of CCMC Act 1919, prior to 1976. The lease period of all the cases has expired.

The civic body initiated action a few years ago but even the relevant files could not be located.

Some of the individuals or private associations have filed cases in various courts.

Missing records

Initiatives have also been taken to defend the cases. According to Corporation sources, Rs. 98 crore worth of arrears of lease rent is pending. After expiry, the lands continue to be in possession of the original lessee or legal heirs or other persons.

Records pertaining to such lands have also gone missing.

The civic body is set to complete a study of such lands shortly.

The initiative to retrieve the lands will be taken based on the study.

The plots, whose lease has expired, were allotted for education, commerce, residence and charity

Nearly Rs. 98 crore worth of arrears of lease rent is pending


Coimbatore Corporation removes hoarding

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The Hindu       20.08.2014 

Coimbatore Corporation removes hoarding

Civic body also cut and dismantled the support structures

Coimbatore Corporation staff removing a hoarding at the SITRA Junction, near airport, on Avinashi Road on Tuesday.— PHOTO: S. SIVA SARAVANAN
Coimbatore Corporation staff removing a hoarding at the SITRA Junction, near airport, on Avinashi Road on Tuesday.— PHOTO: S. SIVA SARAVANAN

Officials from the Town Planning wing of the Coimbatore Corporation on Tuesday removed five hoardings and support structures near the Coimbatore Airport and one place in the East Zone.

According to sources, following orders from Commissioner G. Latha, the officials dismantled and removed four hoardings — two atop buildings and two on the group at the Airport Junction on Avinashi Road.

Another hoarding was atop a building near Varadharaja Mills.

They said that the people involved in the job not only removed the hoardings but also cut the metal frames so as to prevent further advertisements being put up on the illegal structures.

The civic body was forced to take such drastic action because the people who had erected illegal structures would renew advertisements within days of the Corporation removing them from the place.

In this case, the Corporation had given the illegal advertisers due notice and sufficient time to remove the structures.

Those involved did not respond and so the civic body chose to go ahead and remove the hoardings and support structures.

The Corporation started the action against illegal hoardings sometime last week by removing two hoardings and support structures on Dr. Nanjappa Road. And, it was the first time that the Corporation cut open the metal frames.

The sources said that the Corporation had estimated that there were more than 200 hoardings that ought to be removed.

Corporation was forced to take drastic action because those who had erected illegal structures would replace advertisements within days of the civic body removing them.


Corpn. to wait for Govt. direction on illegal buildings

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The Hindu       25.03.2014 

Corpn. to wait for Govt. direction on illegal buildings

The fate of a few educational institutions, shopping complexes and hospitals in Coimbatore hangs in balance as the Madras High Court quashed the State Government Order allowing regularisation of illegal constructions up to July 1, 2007.

According to sources, owners of a few educational institutions, hospitals and shopping complexes applied to the Corporation for regularising illegal constructions after the Government issued an order stating that buildings that were constructed prior to July 2007 and with less than 50 per cent violation could be regularised by paying a fee.

Using the opportunity, nine owners had applied for regularisation.

The sources said that they would wait for the Government to issue instructions – to maintain status quo or initiate action against the owners for not complying with the rules. If it was to maintain a status quo, the Government would in all probability could go in for appeal against the High Court verdict.

The sources, however, added that the Corporation would continue its action against owners of buildings who constructed the structures with violations after July 2007. Thus far, the civic body had acted on 44 instances – by placing the buildings under lock and seal and demolishing a few.


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