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Corporation to regularise auto stands

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The Hindu         04.12.2014   

Corporation to regularise auto stands

Even as the new rate for autorickshaws with digitalised meter comes into effect on Friday, the Tiruchirappalli City Corporation has decided to regularise stands for autorickshaws in the city.

The autorickshaw drivers will have to pay licence fee for parking vehicles in the identified stands of the corporation. The decision will come into force immediately once it receives approval from the Tiruchi District Traffic Advisory Committee for permitting stands at 337 locations. The proposal has been approved by the Corporation Council that met here a few days ago.

The proposed move was expected to increase the number of autorickshaw stands from existing 337 to 674 in the city. They have been classified into A, B, C grades depending upon the location of them. The stands at thickly populated areas, bus stands, railway junction, and railway stations will be brought under A grade stand category.

The licence fee for parking in “A” category stand has been fixed at Rs. 1,000. It is Rs. 750 and Rs. 350 for B and C categories. A provision has been given to pay the fee once in six months.

Sources said that the corporation authorities had visited most of the identified auto stands and conducted a survey. They had been impressed upon the need for regularisation of them.

A survey revealed that there were 3,844 autorickshaws in the city. Nearly 10 per cent of them had been operating from “A” grade stands.

The move has received good support from many autorickshaw drivers.

“It is a good attempt. It will give official approval for operating from identified stands,” says C. Annadurai, secretary, Indira Gandhi College Auto Stand.

B. Hussain Babu, an autorickshaw driver at Anna Nagar, said it was a long-pending demand for autorickshaw drivers.

They were ready to pay the parking fee. However, the authorities should ensure that it was only nominal.

A senior official of the corporation said each stand should be administered by a self-regulated body of autorickshaw drivers in the specified location. The members would be given photo identity cards by the corporation. Autorickshaws, which were allotted a parking lot, would not be allowed to park in other stands. All drivers should wear uniforms while on duty. They should follow standard rules and regulations. Action would be taken against those violating them.


Public opinion divided on ‘Pay and Park’ proposal

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The Hindu         10.11.2014 

Public opinion divided on ‘Pay and Park’ proposal

The six-hour rule is unfair, say some residents while many welcome the proposal

The introduction of 'pay and park' system is expected to regulate two-wheeler parking in the shopping areas of Tiruchi.— PHOTO: R.M. RAJARATHINAM
The introduction of 'pay and park' system is expected to regulate two-wheeler parking in the shopping areas of Tiruchi.— PHOTO: R.M. RAJARATHINAM

Even as the Tiruchirappalli City Corporation decided to implement the “pay and park” system for private vehicles in a few places of the city, it has evoked mixed reaction from the people.

Though the system is in force at the Central Bus Stand, where a shelter has been provided to park two-wheelers, it is for the first time that the corporation has come out with a plan to collect fee for parking two-wheelers in open spaces.

As per the proposal, which was approved by the council members at a recent meeting, the fee is to be levied for vehicles parked on Thillai Nagar Main Road, Shastry Road, and Fort Station Road, all in Thillai Nagar, and E.V.R. Road-Vayalur Road near Puthur.

It plans to levy a fee of Rs. 3 for two-wheelers, Rs. 5 for four-wheelers such as cars and vans, and Rs. 10 for buses. The users will have to pay again if the parking period goes past 6-hours. It is aimed at raising Rs. 22 lakh a year through the levy of parking fee on roads.

However, there is no clear information on whether the corporation will provide shelter to the notified parking lots or not. Similarly, there is no clarity on who will collect the fee, whether it will employ its own employees or auction it to private players.

While a section of people and road users welcomed the move, there are differing voices too. However, they are united on the demand that basic facilities, particularly a shed, should be provided at the lots.

“I personally welcome the move as it can regulate haphazard parking of vehicles on arterial roads and congested areas. But the motive should not be solely on generating revenue. The corporation should make it a model system by incorporating best practices,” says J. Madan Mohan of Cantonment.

He added that the corporation should carry out a detailed study at commercial zones, including Theppakulam, N.S.B. Road, Singarathope, and so on. Suitable locations should be identified. Pay and park system should be implemented in less traffic zones.

However, many are of the view that it is wrong on the part of TCC to levy parking fee when it doesn’t have parking policy. They say that notification on levying parking fee looks fanciful as there is no proper infrastructure in place. Some users point out the massive disparity in the parking fee collected at the central bus stand and the proposed fee for parking at open places. “The fee collected at central bus stand for parking is applicable for 24 hours. But levy at open places is applicable for just 6 hours. It is unfair,” says Santhanam of Ammayapillai Nagar.


Coloured parking bays soon on new concrete roads

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The Hindu             11.02.2014

Coloured parking bays soon on new concrete roads

Aloysius Xavier Lopez

Contrast in colour will help motorists

In future, parking should not be that difficult in the city.

Chennai Corporation plans to create coloured parking bays on newly-constructed concrete roads.

In the first phase, the parking bays with coloured concrete slabs will be part of the modernisation of roads to international standards.

At present, parking bays are not noticeable even on arterial roads. And motorists continue to park haphazardly leading to congestion on roads.

“The colour contrast on the concrete road will help motorists park vehicles systematically,” said an official of Chennai Corporation.

The civic body has already taken measures to ease congestion near 143 roadside parking lots managed by other agencies.

As many as 12 metered parking lots in areas such as Mylapore and T. Nagar are managed by private agencies.

In the new scheme of things, many of the stretches where parking lots are located will be part of the concretisation of roads by the civic body. However, the civic body is yet to zero in on the colour of the parking bays.

Traffic planners in the metropolitan area are in favour of uniformly coloured parking bays in all parts of the city to enable easy identification.


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