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Chamber plea on property tax

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Source : The Business Line Date : 17.03.2009

Chamber plea on property tax

Madurai, March 16

The Tamilnadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry has made an appeal to the Madurai Corporation to collect only the pre-hike tax from property owners till the release of the study report by the Official Committee appointed by the Tamilnadu Government. Mr S. Rethinavelu, Senior President of the Chamber, in a release said, that the rental value fixed by the Corporation in the recent revision of tax rates had been clearly in contravention of the guidelines issued by the Tamil Nadu Government and the Chamber has been persistently demanding the need to substantially bring down the rates that were sought to be enforced without interaction with any public organisations.- Our Correspondent

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 June 2009 10:31

Rs 65-cr modern abattoir coming up in Chennai

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Source : The Business Line Date : 11.03.2009

Rs 65-cr modern abattoir coming up in Chennai

M. Ramesh

Chennai, March 10 Anybody who has walked through the slaughterhouse at Perumbudur (or, for that matter, those at Vyasarpadi or Pulianthope) knows the scene is gory.

Animals, bound at the limbs, are slit ear-to-ear and they die kicking and groaning as blood (and life) oozes out. The area stinks with sticky blood and rotting carcasses. The only revellers there are the flies that swarm in millions. “If you visit the place, you will never eat meat again,” observes Mr Rajesh Lakhoni, Commissioner of the Corporation of Chennai.

But all that is set to change. Next week, the corporation will sign the formal agreement with the Aligarh-based Hind Agro Industries Ltd, for a new, modern abattoir at Perumbudur.

PPP model

Hind Agro will invest Rs 65 crore for putting up the facility, which will be run on a public-private partnership (PPP) model. That means, Hind Agro will run two shifts — one for the corporation and the other for itself. In the first shift (the “service shift”) it will slaughter animals for butchers in the neighbourhood, for a nominal fee — Rs 10 for a buffalo or cow and Rs 3.5 for sheep or goat.

“No butcher or retailer in the area will lose his livelihood because of us,” says Dr Surendra Kumar Ranjan, Director, Hind Agro.

The abattoir will be set up in 18 months and will have two lines, one for killing buffaloes and the other for sheep.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 03 June 2009 11:58

Local planning authority in TN gets power to sanction building plan approvals

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Source : The Business Line Date : 07.02.2009

Local planning authority in TN gets power to sanction building plan approvals

Real estate developers welcome move but question effectiveness.

Our Bureau

Chennai, Feb. 6 The Tamil Nadu Ministry for Housing and Urban Development has delegated powers to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) under the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) to sanction plan approvals for buildings and layouts.

However, the real estate developers, while welcoming the move, are disappointed that the powers are inadequate and would not solve the problem of delayed sanctions for buildings.

Following a meeting, the Urban Development Minister, Mr Parithi Illamvazhuthi, has announced that the Local Planning Areas which had limited powers would be allowed to sanction larger projects. Earlier, the LPAs could only refer the application to the DTCP.

The Ministry has allowed the LPAs to sanction building and layout plans up to a limit within the existing rules and regulations.

The LPAs would approve plans for special buildings of a maximum of 15,000 sq ft with 12 apartments; commercial buildings, marriage halls and community halls of a maximum of 12,000 sq ft with ground and three floors, and lodges up to a maximum of 20 rooms; public and industrial buildings up to a maximum of 25,000 sq ft; buildings of ground and two floors for educational institutions; and infrastructure facilities of all kinds subject to land use regulations, the release said.

‘Too limited’

While welcoming the delegation of powers to speed-up sanctioning, the Confederation of Real Estate Developers of India-Chennai (CREDAI) has regretted that the powers are too limited for effectiveness.

The president of CREDAI, Mr Prakash Challa, said that the projects, particularly those coming up outside the Chennai Metropolitan Area limits, were bigger than the limitation fixed under the devolution of powers. At least the special buildings, without a limitation on square foot area, should have been brought under the purview of the LPAs for effectiveness, he said.

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